Event Preparation


We will be arriving 2 hours prior to start time for set up.
It is MANDATORY that the gym is set up with the appropriate tables prior to our arrival.

For the full 4 hour Ancient Civilizations program that includes the feast use this diagram.

For just the learning stations we will need 10 tables at least 6 feet in length and one small table at least 2 feet in length.

*Please note* Please check table availability far enough in advance. If the table set up is not done prior to our arrival and there are not enough tables this creates extra stress and confusion upon our arrival.  We strive to bring to you a well organized event but it is mandatory that you do your part.

If we have to do table set up on arrival, and the gym has not been prepared for us, there is a good chance the program will start later than scheduled, teachers and custodians will feel annoyed by last minute set up and we too will not feel very welcomed to your school.

Have your 6 volunteers ready and in the gym 15 minutes prior to start time. If you are having the feast, please inform the volunteers that they are invited to the feast and that there is no charge for them. They will be honoured for their service and will sit at the head table.

MANDATORY: This program cannot be done without the 6 museum guides (volunteers). The teachers can be guides if you like. All museum guides are required to be confident and mature adult volunteers with excellent communication skills. This is vital for the success of the program.

Prior to the start time divide your students into 6 even groups. If you’ve booked the optional costume add-on, when you arrive at the gym at the start time, I will escort each group to their costume station. Volunteers will assist the students with their costumes. After our introduction the students will take off their costumes. At this time if you wish I can insert a 10 minute break for the children to have a snack.

Then the learning stations will begin. After the learning stations are done and you have included the feast in your day, the students will wash their hands and return to the gym for the feast.

During the optional feast we can have up to 2 teachers to be royalty. We provide robes and crowns. We will announce the rules of the castle. We give you a list of punishments. These punishments can be dolled out during the feast. This is all light-hearted fun not to be taken seriously.

MANDATORY: We need to know about any food allergies or dietary issues 1 week prior to the event, this includes nut allergies.

Invoicing – We will give you an invoice after the event, or you can pay in advance via Credit Card during registration.

Please allow us 2 hours for clean up at the end.

Thank you for booking Golden Gryphon! We’re always looking for feedback to make our events the best that they can be.

Student Response Sheet

Parent Volunteer Intro Package