Educational Events

We offer both Medieval & Ancient Civilization Educational Events that enhance the curriculum for Grade 4, but are suitable for other primary grades as well.

These programs provide excellent value for the students, with no bus cost or traveling time. They provide a memorable experiences that are hands-on and engaging.

Ancient Civilizations Stations

Monumental Brass Rubbings

Ancient Civilizations Costumes

Medieval Tournament

Medieval Feast

Medieval History Program

Program PackageCost Per Student*Program Time (Hours)Time Needed For Gym Use (Hours)Maximum # of StudentsVolunteers Required
Ancient Civilizations Stations, Costumes & Medieval Feast + Tournament$3558606
Ancient Civilizations Stations, Costumes, and Medieval Feast$304.57.5606
Ancient Civilization Stations & Medieval Feast (POPULAR)$253.56.5606
Ancient Civilization Stations & Costumes$2036606
Ancient Civilization Stations Only$152.55.5606
Medieval Feast, Tournament, and Brass Rubbings$3047600
Medieval Feast and Medieval History Program$202.55.51100
Medieval Feast and Tournament$202.55.51100
Medieval Feast Only$151.54.51100
Brass Rubbings Only$1012.5320

* These costs are not taxed, however each event will be charged an additional mileage fee
at a rate of $0.60/km (from Glencoe, On).
An additional fee may apply to any package including the “Medieval Tournament” option to provide adequate event insurance.